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Did you know 50% of illness is caused by poor indoor air quality?

I'm John Harbud and I set up Green Air Monitoring 17 years ago where we undertake indoor air quality assessments and surveys for businesses. This makes us a natural go-to when it comes to understanding indoor air quality.

Home owners and small business users

Although mainly dealing with larger businesses, I often receive enquiries from home owners and small business users wanting to find out and measure their air quality.

It may be that they find themselves unable to concentrate, have symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, fatigue, dizziness and headaches that are relieved when they move into another room or leave the home. Something which indicates being able to regularly monitor their air quality in their home or small business would be a benefit.

Current costs impractical

The unfortunate thing is that costs can be prohibitive to this market as to run a formal indoor air quality survey requires using a range of equipment that can cost upwards of £10,000. The equipment also needs to be run and operated by highly experienced and qualified air quality assessors.

And what's more, the results are only applicable when the test was carried out. You don't get to have on-going results which makes paying out around £750–£1,000 per survey impractical. It's just not realistic for most home owners and small businesses.

Accurate data an issue

Another thing I find is that accuracy is a big issue. Many low cost devices on the market measure one element accurately (i.e. aerosols or carbon dioxide levels) then use this information to infer other elements. Trying to mitigate or improve poor air quality in your home or small business using poor information won't be effective and can prove to be a waste of time, effort and money.

Knowing all this, I've set to work developing a new kind of Indoor Air Quality device...

A new kind of Indoor Air Quality Device

This indoor air quality sensor will be...


To home owners and small business users saving the cost of hiring specialist air quality assessors


Instead of measuring one element and approximating other elements, we maintain accuracy by only using one sensor per element


Measures your air constantly so you have an accurate picture of your indoor environment 24/7


A device you will be as proud to own as much for its design as its usability, fitting in well within your home or small business


Easy to use, indicating the actions you can take to improve your environment not just endless data


Connects with your iOS or Android smartphone for fully integrated experience

Influence the design

Do you think a product like this would be beneficial to you? Is there something that could make it even better?

Here's your chance to influence the development of our product by filling in this short survey. I want to make a product that's easy to use, that takes the best from what's currently available, improving upon it to enhance your quality of life by bettering your health.

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John Harbud
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