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Indoor air quality platform for Europe

by John Harbud

Most Europeans spend up to 90% of their time indoors; poor quality air can impact their health, comfort, well-being and productivity. The case for better control and management of indoor air quality is compelling but no European legislation or norm currently exists, leaving it to Member States to define air quality targets and risk levels, certification procedures and audit management processes.

Green Air Monitoring is one of five businesses across the EU currently participating in a research and development project aimed at rectifying this. The project is called AIRLOG.

AIRLOG will be a web-based Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Audit Management platform that will harmonise audit procedures currently used in different EU countries, streamlining the audit process thus saving time and money for auditors and their clients. It will also incorporate benchmarking and best practice information generally increasing understanding of IAQ and ultimately improving IAQ control and creating healthier conditions in EU buildings.

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