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Ventilation Hygiene Assessment

A regular hygiene assessment enables you to meet and discharge your duty of care under the Workplace (health, safety and welfare) Regulations 1992, and where used as a monitoring regime reduce the costs and disruption brought about by needless cleaning.

Reputable routine maintenance to air handling and ventilation systems invariably will include servicing the supply air handling equipment and dependent on the design, the terminal units located in the office area. Very rarely do mechanical maintenance companies include any form of maintenance or cleaning services to the ductwork system between. The Workplace (health, safety and welfare) Regulations 1992 and the associated ACoP set out requirements on system cleanliness. Many maintenance companies do not have the appropriate skills or processes to measure cleanliness or even carry out any form of quantified inspection.

Green Air Monitoring also undertake ventilation hygiene assessments. This is a process that samples and measures the levels of microbiological activity living within a ventilation system; organisms that live on the accumulated dirt or metabolites of other organisms or decaying remains of other colonisers. Mould can release spores that propagate and can bring about allergies and some cause infections. Assessment of hygienic cleanliness is made using the CIBSE TM26:2000 ‘Hygienic maintenance of office ventilation ductwork’.

We can also ventilation cleanliness assessment. This a process that measures the amount of dust debris inside a ventilation system. Dust naturally falls out of an airstream and, over time builds-up as a deposit inside the ductwork and can provide the nutrient required for organisms to live on. This assessment of the level of acceptable surface deposit contamination is made using the BESA Guide to Good Practice TR/19 ‘Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’.    

Green Air Monitoring provides assessment of cleanliness and whether cleaning should be considered, but does not provide ductwork cleaning or other related repair services and so can assure clients of independence and objectivity.

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