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  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

    Coronavirus has impacted every part of our lives and has sparked a significantly increased interest in good indoor air quality. Indoor air quality has always been a factor in creating and maintaining a healthy, safe and productive workplace environment so as people return to the office, start to go shopping or resume other leisure activities (it’s easy to forget that these buildings are also workplaces) it is quite rightly under the spotlight.

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  • ‘Standard6’ indoor air quality survey

    Reflecting customer needs and the overall knowledge of indoor air quality as a concept, we have enhanced our ‘Basic5’ surveys into the ‘Standard6’.

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  • Next version of the WELL Building Standard –WELL v2

    The International Well Building Institute (IWBI) has recently launched its next version of the WELL Building Standard –WELL v2.

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  • WELL Building Standard

    The WELL Building Standard is gaining popularity among developers to demonstrate that an office workplace new build is conducive to a healthy work environment that supports and promotes staff wellbeing.

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  • Growing Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Solutions

    Green Air Monitoring’s occupational hygiene monitoring solutions grows ever wider with a variety of new commissions.

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  • The Importance of Healthy Classroom Environments

    A good classroom environments are important to allow effective education. It has always been important, but is now gaining a higher profile with teaching staff, school governors and also students alike.

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  • Help us develop the next generation of Indoor Air Quality Sensor

    We’re excited to be designing a new generation of Indoor Air Quality Sensor. However we want to get your feedback to make sure we design a product that meets the needs of high-end home users or small business users who we think aren’t catered for.

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  • New website launched

    Green Air Monitoring are pleased to announce our new website. To reflect the continued growth of the company, it’s brighter, fresher and more informative on both the company and air quality issues – we hope you agree.

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  • GreenAir:OnAir - Episode 2 - Are you wasting money measuring things that won’t be there?

    Knowing why you are measuring for certain pollutants helps to ensure your specification is both relevant and cost effective and that issues affecting the productivity, comfort and safety of your staff will be identified.

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  • AIRLOG comes to London

    A new platform for indoor environments across Europe is coming . . . latest meeting of the partners was held in London this week.

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