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Green Air: On Air

GreenAir:OnAir – A series of articles informing potential buyers of IAQ surveys

by John Harbud

The air we breathe is undoubtedly pretty important to us! It varies dramatically in its quality and when we are stuck inside at work, poor quality air can adversely affect productivity, comfort, well-being and general health.

Many employers and landlords regularly monitor the quality of their indoor air; some due to specific risks, some to stave off complaints, most as good employers looking out for their staff.

The indoor environment is complex and knowing what to measure and when is a tricky business. Aside from the legally enforceable exposure standards set out by the Health and Safety Executive, there are few other guidelines that provide advice on what to measure, why and when.

‘GreenAir:OnAir’ is a series of articles written by Green Air Monitoring with Mr Mick Gray, Consultant Occupational Hygienist, aimed at providing objective advice on the things that really matter to indoor air quality, shedding light on common misconceptions and generally informing those responsible for buildings and those who work within them.
The first article in May will outline the three things everyone should measure and why.