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Next version of the WELL Building Standard –WELL v2

by John Harbud

The International Well Building Institute (IWBI) has recently launched its next version of the WELL Building Standard –WELL v2 of the performance standard.

Green Air Monitoring have undertaken the sampling and reporting for both the Air and Water features as the Version 1 has evolved over the last couple of years, including the first assessment for the Cundall offices in St Pauls, London and also more recently for projects for the Crown Estate and Great Portland Estates.

Although there are some changes in the Water requirements, Version 2 of the performance standard has some more wider changes in the Air feature. The extent of sampling has been extended at the internal sampling locations and also now has the addition of NO2. There are now tolerances on each parameter standard that should assist achieving accreditation.

We have updated our processes and methodology to reflect the changes and are looking forward to delivering the first commissions.

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