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‘Standard6’ indoor air quality survey

by John Harbud

Green Air Monitoring have, for many years offered a standard indoor air quality survey developed specifically for larger office and similar buildings. The main format measures a number of indicative indoor air quality and thermal comfort parameters over a normal working day to establish what is happening with the office environment and how the heating; ventilation and air conditioning deals with the changes.

Our survey methodology and reporting format enables us to measure up to 25 locations on one day and produce a report detailing each location with graphs etc showing trends and changes.

This is the ‘Basic5’ type surveys and they have been very popular with a number of customers where we can show long term monitoring and changes over successive years, with a few clients with records dating back well over ten years and few with 15+ year demonstrating a continued commitment to ensuring they offer the best possible office environment to their occupants.

Pollution in news and media articles, particularly in city centre locations from vehicle emissions, has gained a high profile subject. Consequently, and quite rightly we are all now more concerned with our own exposure to these pollutants, especially when spending 8 or 9 hours a day in our workplace.

There are a number of organisations that have developed and are developing standards for new and refurbishment workplace environments – the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) has just launched its WELL Building Standard Version 2.

Reflecting customer needs and the overall knowledge of indoor air quality as a concept, we have enhanced our ‘Basic5’ surveys into the ‘Standard6’. The addition of a sixth survey parameter to measure aerosols in the PM1, PM2.5, respirable and PM10 fraction ranges is to include particulate matter that is usually attributed to vehicle diesel emissions etc. The all-day methodology and reporting format hasn’t changed, just the scope and depth of survey.

We have already completed a number of Standrd6 type surveys, the feedback has been good and we look forward to some 15+ year relationships and the comfort and data that brings with continual assessment surveys. The original Basic5 surveys are still available.

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